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Hallo is in Korea to help change how students learn English

Hallo was one of 60 companies chosen to participate in the K-Startup Grand Challenge Program

Panyong, Korea. Hallo, a real-time online language learning platform for speaking English, was invited to the K-Startup Grand Challenge Program run by the Korean government.

The language learning app from Utah, USA with one million students is one of 60 companies competing in the challenge. The program’s goal is to “leverage Korea’s booming startup ecosystem to expand across Asia and Korea.” For Hallo, participating in the program will help them channel Korea’s incredible English learning market. 

With the resources from the startup program, Hallo wants to help Korean students that are learning English find more opportunities to speak and become fluent. Joon Beh, Hallo’s CEO and a Korean native, says, “When Koreans learn English, it’s not based on practicality or conversation–it’s focused on passing exams.” He continues, “That’s what is missing in Korea–speaking, practicing, and focusing on conversation.”

To reach these students, Hallo plans on advertising through several levels, from launching the product to coordinating press releases about Hallo. Joon says, “We’re here to make some noise. We want to be known in the Korean market.”

Eventually, Joon hopes that Koreans will turn to Hallo as a more fun, affordable, and effective way to learn English than traditional English academies. 

The Korean startup program will aid Hallo in its goals by providing funds, office space, mentors, information sessions on Asian business culture, and exposure to major Korean companies.

After their stay in Korea, Joon plans on taking Hallo to other countries and replicating their results across Southeast Asia. “First it’s Korea. Then we want to go to another country and repeat.”

Currently, eight members of Hallo’s team from the United States are living in Korea during the program. You can follow their travels here and if you see them on the streets of Seoul, make sure to say “Hallo.”

To start practicing English, visit the Hallo website here.