Place Students in Appropriate Classes

Automate language placement tests for 50+ languages and confidently place students in the right class with our language assessments.

We understand the pain of language placement tests

Our AI-powered assessment streamlines the process for 50+ languages, cutting costs by 90% and taking less than 10 minutes.

Put an end to misplacement in language classes

Ensure accurate language class placements with our streamlined assessments. Say goodbye to misplacement and hello to tailored learning journeys for your students.

Hallo's language assessment instructions sample example

Start the assessment test in just one click

It takes under 10 minutes to complete the test. It’s composed of 2 parts and each part takes 4-5 minutes.

Receive results instantly upon completing the test

Upon finishing the exam, you promptly access your score report with actionable feedback. 

Hallo's language assessment score report

Manage all language proficiency score results in one page

Hallo’s dashboard allows you to see, analyze, and compare all results in real-time. Moreover, you can easily invite other teachers and collaborate together.

To show Hallo's language assessment dashboard for score reports

All-in-one platform for language assessment

56 Languages

Assess language proficiency in 56 languages within 10 minutes through AI on mobile and web.

AI & Scenario-Based Test

Measure proficiency through open-response questions and real scenarios 100% through AI.

Real-Time Score Report

Get accurate and valid CEFR and ACTFL(estimated) proficiency scores upon completing the test. 

Instant Feedback

Receive constructive feedback on fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and coherence.


Customize the assessment for your industry such as engineering, customer service, and more.


Trust in our results with peace of mind, ensured by our robust cheating prevention protocols.

Admin Dashboard

Send language assessments in one click and manage all score results together in one page.

API Integrations

Integrate everything into your platform seamlessly, using our enterprise API.

White Labeling

Offer personalized services with your own brand through our white labeling options.

Ready to get started?

Save costs and time significantly with our AI language assessment.

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