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Monthly: $49 / mo

Annual:  $37 / mo (25% off)


Monthly: $84 / mo

Annual:  $63 / mo (25% off)

Monthly: $125 / mo

Annual:  $94 / mo (25% off)

Monthly: $189 / mo

Annual:  $142 / mo (25% off)

Monthly: $84 / mo

Annual:  $63 / mo (25% off)


Monthly: $159 / mo

Annual:  $119 / mo (25% off)

Monthly: $225 / mo

Annual:  $169 / mo (25% off)

Monthly: $369 / mo

Annual:  $262 / mo (25% off)


$28 / month


$53 / month 

$75 / month 

$116 / month

$21 / month (25% off)


$40 / month (25% off)

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$87 / month (25% off)

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Before Hallo, fear prevented me from speaking and having conversations. But now, I can talk with native speakers.
Hallo's helped me land my dream job! 6 months back I was struggling with my interviews. Now I have 3 job offers.
Duolingo helps you learn a new language. Hallo helps you speak it.
Hallo is where you can find friendly and supportive teachers and friends. The community makes it easy for me to learn and speak English confidently
After trying more than 50 apps, I've found one that fits my busy schedule. With Hallo working 24/7, I can always talk with native speakers.
Hallo is the best English learning platform I've ever seen. I learned how to communicate with people, and I can practice anytime.


Buying a subscription plan with Hallo will help you dream big and become fluent in English.

The best way to learn English is by practicing and interacting with native speakers, and Hallo makes it possible for you to learn and speak English with native speakers anytime, anywhere. 

People with exceptional English earn 30-50% percent higher salaries. Learning English is an investment in your future, and we make language learning fun, affordable, and interactive all at the same time.

Choose your plan and decide how often you would like to practice English!

When you buy a plan either for 1-on-1 or group lessons, you decide how often you would like to practice with a native teacher per week. Based on your plan, you are given a particular amount of Minutes (1-on-1 lessons) or Classes (group lessons) that you can use each week.

For example, if you choose 30 minutes per day and 3 times a week, you are given 90 Minutes each week, and you can use them to practice 30 minutes per day for three days or practice 90 minutes in one day. 

Your weekly plan Minutes or Classes must be used each week. If you don’t use them, they will expire at the end of the week. Your weekly plan Minutes or Classes are refreshed the following week, and we can’t rollover them if they expire. 

We designed our plans this way to encourage consistent practice as we believe that the best way to improve your English is to practice on a regular basis. However, we understand you may miss your practice because of busy schedules, so we designed our prices as affordable as possible for you. Even if you miss a few days, it still is a great value to purchase a subscription and practice regularly. 

We’re glad that you are ready to buy a plan and become fluent in English with Hallo!

You can go to the Subscription page from settings on either mobile and web to buy a plan. You can pay to get a plan using PayPal, a credit card or debit card for both 1-on-1 and group lessons. On mobile, you need to use Google or Apple for group lessons as we need to abide by the App Store and Google Play Store rules.

We charge in US dollars, and you can find the prices for our plans on the Subscription page. The amount you pay in your local currency depends on the exchange rate set by your bank. Many of our students pay via PayPal or Stripe, and we are working hard to offer more local currency payment options to our students. 

Subscriptions can continue for as long as you’d like! After buying a plan, all you need to do is to focus on your English. Your plan can be monthly or yearly, but we recommend that you subscribe to a yearly plan for an additional 25% discount because becoming fluent in English needs time and consistency.

At the end of your plan, it will renew on the expiration date for the same price. This is helpful for students who purchase their plan with a promo code, because it locks in their subscription at a lower price. 

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time, so choose your favorite plan now and change it later if you need to.

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