Hallo for Business

AI language training for any teams

Give everyone in your organization 30+ languages to learn and practice, at a discounted price for you.

Language learning they’ll love with Hallo

Whether learning for fun or professional development, employees and students learn quickly and become fluent with our personalized, effective lessons.

Hallo helps you speak

Press a button and start speaking in 3 seconds. Improve your communication skills with an AI teacher to build your confidence and become a fluent speaker!

Hallo works

Powered by the most advanced language models, Hallo provides you with the tools you need to learn languages and be able to speak them in an effective way.

Track your progress

Receive feedback from AI after each lesson. Work toward your language learning goals with rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit.

Have conversations and practice with AI

Learn new languages with Hallo AI, powered by the most advanced language models and practice speaking with an AI teacher.

Receive feedback
real-time from AI

Keep track of progress and evaluate your speaking skills after each lesson through constructive feedback based on fluency, grammar, and vocabulary.

Unlock and Enjoy all premium features

Become fluent through unlimited speaking practice, unlimited AI feedback and scripts, no ads, quality AI voice, all languages, and translations all in one place.

Who can benefit from this?

Take your organization's language training to the next level through HalloAI. Help your employees become fluent and improve their communication and performance.

Global Companies & Start-ups

Language Immersion Schools

Universities & School Districts

Language Training Centers

Military & National Linguists

International Call Centers & Hotels

Make a difference

Become fluent,
dream big.

Frequently asked questions

HalloAI is provides the following premiums features:

  • Unlimited speaking practice
  • Unlimited AI feedback
  • Unlimited scripts
  • Quality voice of the AI teacher
  • No ads
  • Translations
  • All 32 languages

Now it’s a matter of time to master a new language and become fluent quickly!

Keep your team learning and becoming fluent for one discounted annual price. The cost of our Hallo for Business plan is based on the number of accounts you purchase. Purchasing more accounts will lead to a larger discount offer. Although pricing is specific to your team’s size, here are some estimates as a guide:

    • 10-49 individuals: $189.99 USD per learner / year
    • 50-99 individuals: $179.99 USD per learner / year
    • 100-249 individuals: $169.99 USD per learner / year
    • 250-399 individuals: $159.99 USD per learner / year
    • 400-1000 individuals: $149.99 USD per learner / year

For larger organizations with more than 1,000 accounts, please reach out to us via form below, and we’ll help get your team set up.

At this time, Hallo for Business is available for purchase in USD only.

We provide options such as credit/debit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. 

Depending on your preference, you receive an invoice from PayPal or Stripe via email, which has both credit/debit card and bank-to-bank wire transfer payment options. The invoice has instructions for how to pay by bank transfer as well as a link to pay by credit/debit card.

We offer only annual plans and cannot bill monthly, nor can we offer billing by usage. During the year, you can increase the number of HalloAI subscriptions for your employees, though the number of subscriptions cannot be decreased.

We are not able to accept payment by check.

After your purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email at the email address provided. In the email, you can find a 1-min survey that your employees need to fill out to get started.

Once we get survey results and receive your employees’ usernames, we will upgrade their accounts to premium within 1-3 business days. 

Absolutely! Once we hop on a quick call and learn more about your needs, we can give you a 14-day free trial.

Contact us to get started

We’ll be in touch soon to answer your Business questions. 

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