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Opportunities to speak

Everything we focus on is speaking. At Hallo, our students get to have 4 times more speaking practice than any other platform through our live classes and group sessions.

English learners don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking in schools or English academies. There are 1.5 billion English learners throughout the world looking for opportunities to speak, and Hallo fills that huge need.

Cohort-based learning

Students that take live English classes with us actually attend and complete their classes. Cohort-based courses have a 96% completion rate compared to just 3 to 6 percent of open online courses according to a recent study by researchers at MIT. Our forced scarcity of fixed start and end dates adds a sense of urgency and focus. 

We offer certified English teachers, active participation in conversations, applied learning exercises, and group sessions. Hallo courses are bi-directional (as opposed to one-way), meaning there’s an exchange of knowledge between the teacher and the students, as well as between students and their classmates. It’s a conversation, not a static lecture.

Community-driven platform

Live English classes center around a small group of 3-5 students, and this model works to challenge students, motivate them, and lead to an overall emphasis on community and the student experience. Our live classes are engaging and real-time, not just self-paced, and involve community-driven, active learning, as opposed to solo, passive content consumption.

On our platform, over 1M English learners also practice and interact with each other. By focusing on group learning, students can build confidence, overcome their fear of speaking and become fluent, while learning how to communicate with others and advance their career opportunities.

Top teachers and curriculums

Our certified native-speaking teachers cover the essential skills of language learning and help you learn and progress in a fun, friendly environment. We believe that our teachers are the face of Hallo, and we accept only quality teachers that are dedicated to providing the best learning experience.

Along with our teachers, we provide our students with a variety of curriculums so that they can learn English via topics that they are interested in, from “How to land your dream job” to “Communicate fluently in a corporate environment”.

Affordable and effective lessons

At Hallo, learning English is fun, 40% more affordable, and effective, all in real-time because we focus on group learning and real-life topics so that students are learning not only English but also practical, useful topics that can help them advance their careers in life.

Through our classes, English learners actually become fluent and achieve their goals. Some of our students have become doctors, started business, and gotten jobs as software engineers in the United States.


We are on a mission to empower others to find more opportunities in life through language. Dream big with Hallo.