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‘Around the World 2’ Course Curriculum

Around the World 2 is an addition to Around the World 1, which allows students to travel, learn and experience different cultures from the comfort of their home while learning English all along the way.

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Curriculum Overview

From local activities to family, love, and doctor visits, you will teach how to successfully manage yourself in
a different environment. Through group discussions and role-playing, you will describe important
events, express your opinions, suggest solutions to problems, and participate in discussions to analyze

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  • Lesson 1: Professions
  • Lesson 2: Aging and Retirement
  • Lesson 3: Socioeconomics
  • Lesson 4: Weird Laws
  • Lesson 5: Cultural Oddities
  • Lesson 6: Sports and Games
  • Lesson 7: Local Heroes
  • Lesson 8: Legends and Lore

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