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Live Classes

Students enroll in four weeks of classes with their favorite teachers. The subscription includes two one-hour classes a week for a total of eight lessons! Each class has a maximum of 35 students. Pricing for live classes may vary, but the minimum price is $10 per student–$1.25 per class! With their enrollment, students can hop on with video and talk with their teacher and classmates. Students can enroll at any point during live classes and receive hop-on access to the next eight classes. Anyone is able to watch for free.

Make sure to purchase Hallo cash and sign up (link coming soon)

  1. Filter by topic, day and time: a teacher that meets those filters will appear.  


  1. Select a certified ESL teacher: view their profile and schedule to see what classes are available. 

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Students can’t cancel or get a refund for the current month but they can cancel future months if they are subscribed for multiple months.