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HalloAI allows language learners to have conversations and practice speaking any language with an AI teacher, powered by the most advanced language models.

Press a button and start speaking in 3 seconds via audio and video. After each lesson, you will receive a score and feedback from AI based on your fluency, grammar, and vocabulary.

When you sign up to HalloAI, you get all these benefits:

• Unlimited speaking practice with an AI teacher: have endless conversations whenever you want.

• Unlimited AI feedback: get constructive feedback according to your fluency, grammar, and vocabulary after each lesson.

• Unlimited scripts of conversations

• Get higher quality voice of the AI teacher

• All 50+ languages: more coming up! 

• No ads: practice with no interruptions. 

HalloAI is the future of language learning. Subscribe today and become fluent in any language you want!

As soon as you subscribe, you’ll get access to all the features of HalloAI on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on your plan.

Simply go to InstaAI and start practicing in 3 seconds! If you don’t have an active subscription, you can try out our 7-day trial on the app.

Go to your profile and tap the subscribe button > tap AI Lessons on the top right > choose a yearly or monthly plan > subscribe!

Tip: subscribe to a yearly plan and get 45% off! 

You can manage your subscription on your profile. Please remember to cancel your subscription before the next cycle starts, or you’ll be charged according to your plan (at the moment, we don’t provide refunds).

Currently, we are not providing refunds for monthly or yearly plans. We recommend you track your subscription and cancel it 24 hours before it renews; otherwise, you’ll be charged for the next cycle.

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