Hallo Language Proficiency Levels

Our language assessments are scored based on fluency, accuracy, and sentence structure. Our test questions are dynamic and unique based on the test taker’s level, and we use floor/ceiling rating to ensure a high accuracy rate.

In addition, we’ve trained our AI with a number of samples and mapped them to global standards such as CEFR and ACTFL to provide accurate and valid scores. 

The Hallo Proficiency Levels provide unmatched granularity, ranging from 0 to 10 at 0.1 intervals. This meticulous scoring system proves invaluable when comparing individuals sharing the same CEFR level.

Consider two candidates achieving a B1 CEFR level; their Hallo Proficiency Levels may differ, revealing nuanced disparities in language ability and proficiency.

For hiring criteria, many clients favor a 7.5 Hallo Proficiency Level or a B2 CEFR level as the minimum required score, establishing the threshold candidates must meet or exceed for consideration.

While a 7.5 Hallo Proficiency Level or B2 CEFR level is often deemed a reasonable minimum required score, clients have the flexibility to tailor this threshold to meet specific requirements.

The CEFR Scale

A universal understanding of language proficiency necessitates a defined framework. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), widely adopted for hiring, serves this purpose. Originating in Europe, the CEFR has gained global acceptance for categorizing language skills into six major levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

Standardized CEFR levels set the stage for universal descriptions of language proficiency. However, the process of establishing equivalency or connection to CEFR varies for each test. Test publishers and research teams play a crucial role in relating test data to CEFR descriptions, potentially resulting in variations in assigned CEFR levels across different assessments.

Hallo Proficiency Levels vs. CEFR

The integration of the Hallo Proficiency Level with the CEFR equivalency creates a powerful synergy for precisely assessing language skills. This combination ensures a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s language proficiency level.

Refer to the chart below for CEFR equivalencies, offering detailed explanations of different language ability ranges:

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To show Hallo's language assessment score scale comparing CEFR and ACTFL

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