Monthly Trainings

Hallo teacher trainings happen at least monthly, and more often if needed. Catch up on the latest trainings by Generally it is the second Tuesday of the month at 8am MST. The meetings are not mandatory, but highly recommended. If you cannot join, the meeting will be recorded and sent in the monthly newsletter as well as posted on Facebook.

January 2022 – Monthly Hallo Teacher Training

January training overview: No more group classes, 1-on-1 class improvements, back to Facebook communication, live classes can now be private, dropping speaking clubs, individual prices for live classes, and live stream hop-ons.

February 2022 – Monthly Hallo Teacher Training

February training overview: Find date reminders, best practices for communicating and reporting bugs. Added chat functionality to 1-on-1 classes, improved UI of 1-on-1 classes, student free trial for live classes – teachers are paid – New students get 2 weeks free with 1 teacher.

March training overview: InstaClass, Updated calendar feature, daylight savings, 1/day Live Classes, $2 minimum for live classes, incentive program,

April training overview: Teacher information, 1-on-1 and live class improvements, HalloKids, Promos, Final incentive, Themed lives streams and InstaClass functions.

May Training overview: Teachers’ reviews are sorted by date, no more “following” notifications, new incentive, new filters for students, updated home screen and discounts

June overview: New feature, community, pay structure, 2022 summer incentive, new teacher incentive, new languages, Q&A’s