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To qualify for teaching on Hallo you will need to fill out a form that shows your eligibility to work and provide a taxpayer identification number regardless if you fill out a W-8 or W-9 form. Please note, the taxpayer identification number goes by different names in different countries and depending on your circumstances. For example, teachers in the US will need to provide a TIN or social security number. However in the UK, the number teachers will need to provide will be their UTR or NINO.  

If you are a teacher living in the U.S. or if you are a U.S. citizen living abroad you will need to fill out a W-9 form. If you are a non-U.S. resident living outside of the United States, you will need to fill out a W-8 form. If you file taxes as an individual you will need to fill out the W-8BEN. If you file taxes as a business you will need to fill out the W-8BEN-E.

Hallo cannot provide information or advice around the specifics of your individual taxation. Please consult a qualified tax preparer or financial advisor.

The short answer is probably not. As a contract worker completing all of your work for Hallo abroad and as a non-U.S. citizen, according to current tax laws, you are exempt from paying taxes to the U.S.

If the United States government questions Hallo whether or not you should have paid taxes to them, we can share with them your W-8 form to prove you count as an exemption. 

However, if you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, you may still be subject to paying taxes in the U.S. Consult with a legal advisor to learn more.

It depends. Does your country have a tax treaty with the United States government? If so, you may be exempt from paying taxes to the United States government even if you are living and working in the U.S. These treaties change frequently so research online the latest updates to see if you qualify and consult legal counsel to learn more.

If your country of citizenship does not have a tax treaty with the U.S. and you are working for Hallo while living in the U.S., you will probably be subject to paying taxes to the U.S. government.

No. Teachers are responsible for paying taxes in their respective countries and for consulting with a qualified tax advisor or attorney to be in compliance with the law.

The information will be kept securely in Hallo servers and used in order to prepare your tax documentation according to requirements of the IRS and in accordance with U.S. tax law.

If you have filled out a W-9 and have earned $600+ in the calendar year, then you will likely need to file a 1099 tax form to the U.S. IRS. For the teachers who qualify based on your address, citizenship, and the tax form you filled out, our payment system will automatically send you a 1099 tax form after each calendar year has finished.

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