Partnerships Associate

Full time | Provo, Utah

Pay: $40,000 + equity 

Start Date: ASAP

What is Hallo

Hallo is a live streaming community for English learners and teachers. Language learners can watch live videos from native speakers 24/7 and practice speaking in real-time via video chat through our worldwide community of over 750,000 students. In addition, students can book private lessons with teachers. It’s the world’s largest classroom for English learners right in the palm of your hand. 

We created Hallo to help people find more opportunities in life and make dreams come true through language. Language learners love Hallo. Many of their closest friendships have been made through our community, and those friendships inspire them to keep learning and growing. We are making language learning fun. If you think that is cool, we hope to work with you! 

What is the Language Summit (Hosted by Hallo March 3-5, 2021)

“Language is one of the most basic, yet powerful tools we possess to effect change.” Benjamin Dent – COO @ Hallo

Currently, there are over 3 billion people around the globe learning a foreign language! Of that group, 50% are English learners. From startups to large organizations, innovations at all levels continue to challenge the status quo. Additionally, the language industry continues to evolve in response to changing consumer behaviors (Covid-19) and technology trends. As we have an incredible opportunity for the language learning community to come together and shape the future, staying ahead of the curve is now more important than ever.

The mission of the entirely-online Language Summit conference is to:

  1. Bring the language learning and education community together.
  2. Learn from Industry leaders.
  3. Identify opportunities for growth and innovation. 
  4. Empower people and organizations with the appropriate resources to successfully innovate and scale.

About the role


You will be the go-to person for our teacher community. From recruiting to training teachers, you will be in charge of helping them onboard and become successful as ESL teachers on Hallo by outreaching, developing relationships, identifying partnerships and communicating with ESL teachers, school, and organizations. At Hallo, we provide TESOL and Linguistics programs at universities with online internship opportunities, and we are excited to continue to partner with BYU, BYU-H, CSU Fullerton, and even more. 

The Language Summit 

As an event planner for putting on a virtual conference in the language learning and edtech industries, you will be responsible for outreaching, developing relationships, identifying partnerships and communicating with interested parties. Outreach will be both domestic and international. Specifically, you will be directly overseeing these efforts, including managing interns tackling the same initiatives. This role requires high levels of responsibility, ownership and interpersonal skills. Not only does your character reflect on the Language Summit brand, but it also reflects Hallo.


  • Recruit new teachers and onboard them through Indeed, Handshake, conferences, and partnerships
  • Constantly communicate with, train, and encourage our teachers through our teacher Facebook group, monthly meetings, and monthly emails 
  • Outreach to people and organizations through social media, email and cold calling to create strategic partnerships to attract (1) more teachers and users to the Hallo app and (2) more speakers, sponsors and attendees to the Language Summit 2021
  • Organizing and updating speaker and sponsorship information on InEvent, Google Drive and Airtable platforms
  • Helping speakers, panelists, keynotes and attendees to make sure they have a memorable experience
  • Assisting conference directors in tasks and decisions associated with the conference
  • Regular progress reports on the interns, including attendance as well as qualitative assessments of student learning


  • Wicked smart, driven, fast learner, results oriented, creative, and strategic
  • Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Strong computer/technical skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and stay focused and productive
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Big Value Add: Experience with Adobe Creative in creating powerful visuals


Why should you work with us?

  • Work with amazing people at a locally-grown startup that is 100% organic
  • Receive and offer stellar mentorship: we love to help and support others (our CEO was voted top 20 CEOs in his twenties in Utah)
  • Learn how we growth hacked social media to over 1M followers & 750K students ($0 spent on ads, it’s all organic)
  • Build something meaningful that has massive social impact with your name on it
  • Love making a positive difference for the people, communities and cultures around the globe

Hallo’s Guiding Principles and Values

At Hallo, we treat people like gold. That is our #1 priority. Hallo and the Language Summit were recently featured on Forbes and are making big strides in the language space. The culture of Hallo is characterized by teamwork, passion, ownership, grit, and excellence. If these values resonate with you, you will find working at Hallo extremely fulfilling. 

  1. Live with Passion = The love you show for your work is tangible, which reflects the zest you have for life in all that you do.
  2. Dream Big = You realize your potential each day by turning ideas into reality, fueled by a hunger and ambition to grow and succeed.
  3. Lead with Excellence = You take pride in your work and sign it with excellence, always finding ways to improve and giving your best.
  4. Be an Entrepreneur = You take initiative and ownership in your work, learn fast from your mistakes and move forward with grit and persistence.

5. Ride together = We inspire and learn from one another, working to the same rhythm to accomplish more together than we thought possible—it’s more fun that way!

*IMPORTANT: Check out this article, “Why You Should Join the Hallo Rocket Ship” before submitting your application to see if you would be a good fit for Hallo.